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Please contact Kyoshi Richy Huneycutt to order items from the Dojo Store.

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Tenmei Ryu, The Art of Sitting Kata.
By Kyoshi L.D. Tomlinson
and one of his students, Dawn Smith.
Cost is $24.95
Available Now - "A Tribute to a Martial Arts Master"
An autographed commemorative short documentary  featuring Hanshi Lemuel "Doc" Stroud,
produced by Tenmei Motions.
Cost is $22.95 plus 7 percent sales tax (total $24.55)
Add $1.50 for shipping if necessary

Kodomo Bugei Kai -
Large design on back, small design on front pocket
"We Leave It On The Mat" on right sleeve.


Make'em Fly
Large design on back, small design on front pocket.





Stroud School Martial Arts
Design on front only

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